Best tips on how to take care of dry hands
male dry hands

Best tips on how to take care of dry hands


dry hands
dry hands

As we all know, the hand is one of the most vital part of the body. It helps us to connect and communicate with people around us effectively.  We do things such as shaking hands with our clients or wiping the tears of someone you love with the hands. Dry hands can be embarrassing and painful most times especially when you have to avoid handshakes with friends or contacts with the hands.

Dry and cracked hands might not be a serious problem, but when not treated well it will get worse and disturb your appearance for sure. I am sure you don’t want to suffer from such.

Causes of dry hands

The hands are the most active part of the body. We use them for most of the works we do everyday. We expose our hands to a lot of potentially damaging situations such as dirt, chemicals, sun exposure Each day. Even our day to day chores like doing dishes, outdoor works, washing cloths and constant washing of our hands strip the hands of their natural oil.

How do i know if i have dry hands?

Symptoms of dry hands include the following.

  • Roughness of the hands
  • Itching of the hands
  • Redness of the skin at the back of the hand.
  • There are some deep cracks that might bleed.
  • You feel that your skin around your hands is tightened, especially after taking a bath, swimming or washing hands.

How to take care of dry hands

I am going to show how to prevent or solve your dry hands problems using household ingredients and save yourself from the embarrassment associated with it.

Be sure to wear your gloveshand gloves

The gloves helps protect your hands from the weather especially during the winter when the hands are exposed to cold temperature, rain and wind. The use of gloves will also protect your hands from harsh chemicals when cleaning, washing or gardening.

Drink enough water daily

Drinking a lot of water helps keep your body hydrated and prevent your skin from getting dry. Try as much as you can to avoid alcohol, coffee or any drink that can get you dehydrated.

Use good hand moisturizers before going to bed

Use your hand moisturizers such as coconut oil, Shea butter and jelly every night before going to bed. This will give your hands a smooth and soft feeling when you wake up. Repeat this practice for sometime.

Soak your hands in warm water

Soak your dry hands in warm water, this will help soften your hands. Do not use hot water as it will strip your hands of their natural oil.

Rinse off soap

Use soaps that can easily be washed off in washing your hands, soaps you don’t wash off your hands can dry your hands by pulling out natural lipids and damaging your skin barrier protein. Make sure to wash the soap off your hands properly with clean water. Reduce the use of hand sanitizers on the thicker skin of your hands.

Steady massage of your hands can help solve dry hands problem

Olive oil is one of the best cures for dry skin and can be used on the hands too. Apply some olive oil on your dry hands, then massage it gently. This will keep your hands moisturized. Steady massage of your palms will help keep it smooth and soft

Finally if  after trying all the above methods and there is no improvement, i advice that you see your doctor.


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