My name is Tochukwu.  I base in Lagos but i have been in Imo State a few months now. As an person i believe so much in technology and innovations. Also i love to follow new technology trends. You may wonder why but chill! i will let you know in a while. I love surfing the net because i get informed by doing so. Recently i have noticed an increased trend of online training adverts and adverts promising to teach how to quickly  make money online. Most of these adverts seem genuine while some don’t.

I was going through my Facebook page one day when i saw an advert for this program. Immediately i registered because of so many reasons.

WHY I JOINED: The advert in the first place was very catchy. This made me want to read through it.  When i read through the advert i discovered something different from the several similar adverts i have read in the past. It sincerely promised me of not having anything to lose for signing up…Bingo! this is the kind of assurance i have been looking for in all the adverts. I mean who wouldn’t love an adventure of little or no risk? Also it is called  “partnership” which means “mutual” we are in it together! i am not alone. I have a huge interest in online marketing and have been looking for a way to venture into it and an opportunity came up.

Now let me fulfill my promise. This is the reason i love to follow technology trend. I have noticed that the world is getting more digital each day. In 20 years or 30years time there may not be many physical shopping or transactions. People want to go about their daily activities with ease. My husband is a business man who only depends on selling in his shop. Presently the rate of patronage at his shop is on the decrease. The issue is not because people are not buying the goods anymore but most people want to shop at ease. With the physical shop you can only cover a small area however with the internet your business is global! So i saw this partnership as an opportunity to learn new things and also venture into online marketing.


The journey has been for Fun! Fun!! Fun!!! so far. I am very happy to be a part of this partnership program. It have transformed me from being a Novice to learning a lot of things i never knew about online marketing. Team work promise is being fulfilled. yes you heard me right “team walk” in other words, step by step guideline. Although initially i thought it was going to be a straightforward thing but it is quite cumbersome more than i thought. Probably  this was because i was a total novice! but i know nothing good comes easy.  I am not regretting any of my involvement in this partnership from the click on the advert… till typing this review.

The practical nature of the tutorials makes it awesome. Each time i follow the videos and complete any task, it gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment.  Videos are very self explanatory and understandable. it make things very much easier especially for a novice like me.  Task are given one for each day which gives me enough time to finish it and get ready for the next task. Facebook, WhatsApp and Email back-check and support have been superb with instant response and guideline. Most things in the program are done at no cost. do you know i created and hosted a website at no cost? This and many other benefits are all packaged in this partnership. However i would like it more if all the tasks were be in video format. It would help novices like me to cope and learn faster.

Join this sincere partnership today and you will be on your way to becoming an instant online marketer! Remember you absolutely have NOTHING to lose since it is a partnership program. Click on this link now to start making real money.


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